Making a Good Impression Still Counts

How many Girl Guides does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb must promise to be true to itself and to serve its community. The Guide Promise and Law are, in fact, no laughing matter, they are an important set of principles, which if adhered to will make this world a better place. The Australian Guide Law lists: self-respect and respect for others; honesty and consideration; courage and strength; and choosing a better world via the options one takes in life. These are all valuable qualities and aspirations to uphold. Making a good impression still counts in the 21C.

The Basic Goodness Within Humanity Keeps Us All Going

Much of the media, especially the teenage entertainment coming out of Hollywood, is cynical and out for cheap laughs at the expense of others. Making a good impression is, often, disparaged as unthinking conservative behaviour, but, in the long run, it is the basic goodness within humanity which keeps us all going. Life is ultimately about respect, consideration for others, friendliness, and inner-strength. Find a moral compass within yourself and have the courage to stick to it through both good and hard times.

Learning to Give of Your Best

The Guides have built a strong reputation for guiding and mentoring young women. Involvement in our network from a young age can provide lasting benefits going forward. Learning to give of your best and engaging with other like-minded individuals have lasting affects on character. The Guides is about more than smart fashion and making a good impression, we are about making choices for a better world. We are, also, about thoughtfulness, compassion and inner strength. Since 1920, the Girl Guide Association in Australia has been helping over a million women stand strong individually and together.

Developing Values that Will Last a Lifetime

Making a good impression still counts in my book. How we act and go about our business affects our chances of living a good and happy life. It is not about wearing a mask of perfection or saintliness, it is simply being the best person that you can be in any given situation. Do your best and comport yourself in the manner that you would rightfully expect of others. Youth is a time of optimism and of striving to live up to your potential. The Guides can assist in the journey toward adulthood and developing values that will last a lifetime.