Developing Our Children 21C Style

Education is firmly in the crosshairs of forces for change. It has to be, as much as children are our most precious dependents on the planet, we must push ahead with positive changes to the way we educate our young, here in Australia. Education has long been in the camp of tradition. This can be seen in the way we allow our religious bodies to run schools, despite their knowledge stemming from a wholly unlikely story from the Bronze Age. We cling to that tradition in the face of damning evidence and prosecutions involving paedophile priests and members of religion. We are not quick learners in the education space that is for sure. Developing our children 21C style calls for a complete overhaul of a moribund and wasteful sector.

Lazy Old-Style Education in Australia

Lazy is the word that springs to mind, when I think about the education industry, here in Australia. We have been too willing to run our schools as day care minding facilities for our children, rather than places and spaces where excellence happens. We pay our teachers peanuts and that attracts the lowest level of tertiary students in the system to study teaching. If you compare our teachers and how we rate them in comparison to a nation like Germany, you will be amazed at the difference in their treatment and social standing within the community. We pay people who sell shonky insurance and financial products a hell of a lot more than we do our teachers. What does that say about our values as a society?

New Technologies in Education Await

Check out this incredible incursion specialist educational company in Sydney, as an example of just what new technologies can offer our kids and their education. Boredom is a huge issue in our classrooms around the country. Poor teachers, who are poorly managed and directed by a moribund education system, which derides those who try and use their initiative, abound across all of our states. New technologies can actually reduce the need for kids to be inside bricks and mortar classrooms. We can inspire and teach our children to use the amazing powers of the internet for learning. All the information and data is available online. No more bulky textbooks. No more back-breaking school bags to damage their young spines. It is time to move into the 21C and leave behind Tom Brown’s School Days in the past where they belong.