Career Pathway for Girls in the Horse Racing Industry

The Racing Queensland wants women to consider a career pathway in the horse racing industry. According to the company’s CEO, there are various career opportunities for women in this industry, and they should not limit themselves as flies on the wall. As a matter of fact, reported an increasing number of female jockeys in horse racing. The natural slim body structure of women is quite an advantage in horse racing competitions.

Aside from being a jockey, women can pursue a path as horse trainers, bookies, owners and even as stable hands. As per statistical data, 49 percent of stable employees in Victoria are women. More so, 40 percent of race clubs in the state are supervised by the members of the fairer sex.

Career Pathway for Girls in the Horse Racing Industry

ABC reported that there are hardly any female bookies in the horse racing industry. Those interested in this role should gear up by at least reading books on guide to horse racing betting. One of the strong points of being a female bookie is that punters are more interested in placing a bet on pretty bookies in a nice dress.

Women can also take venture as horse trainers. The country is gifted with some of the best trainers in thoroughbred racing. This industry produced the likes of Gai Waterhouse. Although not a popular household name, Waterhouse received several accolades during her stint as a thoroughbred trainer. In fact, she got the moniker “First Lady of Australian Racing” due to her impressive career.

Female jockeys are also getting common in the industry. If truth be told, some of the best jockeys in the country are women. These include Michelle Payne, Kathy O’Hara, Katelyn Mallyon, Clare Lindop and Lucy Warwick. Their popularity is also helping promote horse racing in the country.

Working in the Horse Racing Industry

Despite being a chauvinistic, competitive, and sometimes sexist, several women have made it big in the horse racing industry. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and patience to make it in this field that is dominated by men. Moreover, a certain type of ‘womanliness’ is needed in this line of work.

Women who love working with horses can pursue a limitless equine career option. Some of these include veterinarian, farrier, manager, agent and breeder.