Developing Our Children 21C Style

Education is firmly in the crosshairs of forces for change. It has to be, as much as children are our most precious dependents on the planet, we must push ahead with positive changes to the way we educate our young, here in Australia. Education has long been in the camp of tradition. This can be seen in the way we allow our religious bodies to run schools, despite their knowledge stemming from a wholly unlikely story from the Bronze Age. We cling to that tradition in the face of damning evidence and prosecutions involving paedophile priests and members of religion. We are not quick learners in the education space that is for sure. Developing our children 21C style calls for a complete overhaul of a moribund and wasteful sector.

Lazy Old-Style Education in Australia

Lazy is the word that springs to mind, when I think about the education industry, here in Australia. We have been too willing to run our schools as day care minding facilities for our children, rather than places and spaces where excellence happens. We pay our teachers peanuts and that attracts the lowest level of tertiary students in the system to study teaching. If you compare our teachers and how we rate them in comparison to a nation like Germany, you will be amazed at the difference in their treatment and social standing within the community. We pay people who sell shonky insurance and financial products a hell of a lot more than we do our teachers. What does that say about our values as a society?

New Technologies in Education Await

Check out this incredible incursion specialist educational company in Sydney, as an example of just what new technologies can offer our kids and their education. Boredom is a huge issue in our classrooms around the country. Poor teachers, who are poorly managed and directed by a moribund education system, which derides those who try and use their initiative, abound across all of our states. New technologies can actually reduce the need for kids to be inside bricks and mortar classrooms. We can inspire and teach our children to use the amazing powers of the internet for learning. All the information and data is available online. No more bulky textbooks. No more back-breaking school bags to damage their young spines. It is time to move into the 21C and leave behind Tom Brown’s School Days in the past where they belong.

Making a Good Impression Still Counts

How many Girl Guides does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb must promise to be true to itself and to serve its community. The Guide Promise and Law are, in fact, no laughing matter, they are an important set of principles, which if adhered to will make this world a better place. The Australian Guide Law lists: self-respect and respect for others; honesty and consideration; courage and strength; and choosing a better world via the options one takes in life. These are all valuable qualities and aspirations to uphold. Making a good impression still counts in the 21C.

The Basic Goodness Within Humanity Keeps Us All Going

Much of the media, especially the teenage entertainment coming out of Hollywood, is cynical and out for cheap laughs at the expense of others. Making a good impression is, often, disparaged as unthinking conservative behaviour, but, in the long run, it is the basic goodness within humanity which keeps us all going. Life is ultimately about respect, consideration for others, friendliness, and inner-strength. Find a moral compass within yourself and have the courage to stick to it through both good and hard times.

Learning to Give of Your Best

The Guides have built a strong reputation for guiding and mentoring young women. Involvement in our network from a young age can provide lasting benefits going forward. Learning to give of your best and engaging with other like-minded individuals have lasting affects on character. The Guides is about more than smart fashion and making a good impression, we are about making choices for a better world. We are, also, about thoughtfulness, compassion and inner strength. Since 1920, the Girl Guide Association in Australia has been helping over a million women stand strong individually and together.

Developing Values that Will Last a Lifetime

Making a good impression still counts in my book. How we act and go about our business affects our chances of living a good and happy life. It is not about wearing a mask of perfection or saintliness, it is simply being the best person that you can be in any given situation. Do your best and comport yourself in the manner that you would rightfully expect of others. Youth is a time of optimism and of striving to live up to your potential. The Guides can assist in the journey toward adulthood and developing values that will last a lifetime.

Communal Development: Guiding Values

More often than not, a community is defined in terms of its geographical location. However, there is also another way of describing a community; that is through beliefs and shared interests. For instance, each one of us fits in various communities. We can constitute a religious community, a neighborhood community, or a community with similar interests.

Through communal development, the society that we belong to is strengthened via numerous social, economic or environmental involvement. Moreover, it bolsters our ability to work with other people, community groups or organisations, and public and/or private institutions and agencies.

Communal Development: Guiding Values

Various community development programs and initiatives contribute to the formation of a strong community that advocates for social justice and better communal life. For example, youth organizations like girl guides and scouts for boys build character and instill moral values among our youths. Members of such groups eat together around a communal table or a wooden furniture in Sydney. There are also group activities among members, which promote good camaraderie and teamwork.

Joining boy scouts or girl scouts is more than a life experience. For example, local units of boy scouts will help with grooming and training our youths for the future. Moreover, the experience of scouting will give the youth a chance to try and explore new things, to be of service to others, have self-confidence, and buttress ethical standards.

Since scouting is a value-based program, those who will join are expected to live up the oath they took. With this, they will become good role models and better citizens of the community. In addition, the time they dedicate to the community aids in the development of pride in his community. This is something that he carries for a lifetime.

Youth Involvement in the Community

Today’s youth spends a lot of time at school, primarily because of extra-curricular activities. These may include involvement in the school’s or the local sports team, school clubs and organizations, and of course, community-based groups. This being said, there are various reasons why youths and young adults engage in community activities and associations. These motivations can either be because of future employment opportunities, skills improvement, self-realization, or social responsibility. Nonetheless, communal development involving the youths has resulted in a more receptive community.

Career Pathway for Girls in the Horse Racing Industry

The Racing Queensland wants women to consider a career pathway in the horse racing industry. According to the company’s CEO, there are various career opportunities for women in this industry, and they should not limit themselves as flies on the wall. As a matter of fact, reported an increasing number of female jockeys in horse racing. The natural slim body structure of women is quite an advantage in horse racing competitions.

Aside from being a jockey, women can pursue a path as horse trainers, bookies, owners and even as stable hands. As per statistical data, 49 percent of stable employees in Victoria are women. More so, 40 percent of race clubs in the state are supervised by the members of the fairer sex.

Career Pathway for Girls in the Horse Racing Industry

ABC reported that there are hardly any female bookies in the horse racing industry. Those interested in this role should gear up by at least reading books on guide to horse racing betting. One of the strong points of being a female bookie is that punters are more interested in placing a bet on pretty bookies in a nice dress.

Women can also take venture as horse trainers. The country is gifted with some of the best trainers in thoroughbred racing. This industry produced the likes of Gai Waterhouse. Although not a popular household name, Waterhouse received several accolades during her stint as a thoroughbred trainer. In fact, she got the moniker “First Lady of Australian Racing” due to her impressive career.

Female jockeys are also getting common in the industry. If truth be told, some of the best jockeys in the country are women. These include Michelle Payne, Kathy O’Hara, Katelyn Mallyon, Clare Lindop and Lucy Warwick. Their popularity is also helping promote horse racing in the country.

Working in the Horse Racing Industry

Despite being a chauvinistic, competitive, and sometimes sexist, several women have made it big in the horse racing industry. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and patience to make it in this field that is dominated by men. Moreover, a certain type of ‘womanliness’ is needed in this line of work.

Women who love working with horses can pursue a limitless equine career option. Some of these include veterinarian, farrier, manager, agent and breeder.

Chiropractic Treatment for Kids: Pros & Cons

Contrary to what most people think, chiropractic care and treatment is not confined to back pains and aching lower extremities. Sometimes you will need a chiropractor, especially if your children are suffering from ear infections, colds and fevers. In addition, chiropractic care is known to help in the learning and behavioral problems of children, and in ensuring their general health and well-being.

As a parent, we are very protective of our children. Sure enough, those who are foreign to chiropractic treatment for kids are concerned about the safeness of such approach. This article will help you decide whether the pros of chiropractic treatment for kids far outweigh its cons.

Chiropractic Treatment for Kids: Pros & Cons

Chiropractic treatment for kids is getting more mainstream as it was years ago. As a matter of fact, Babies Today reported that there were more than 68 million pediatric visits to chiropractors in the United States in 2009. Since then, the number has grown by at least twofold. This being said, most parents are more concerned about the safety of the treatment rather than numbers. Here are some pros and cons of chiropractic treatment for kids.

The Pros

  • Pediatric chiropractic care is extremely safe and effective.

This type of treatment is known to be gentle, safe and highly effective. In fact, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association studied the potential side effects of chiropractic adjustments on children. Out of the 812 cases investigated, only 9 patients were found to have slight exacerbations.

  • It helps improve acute and chronic conditions of children.

Examples of acute conditions that can be treated with chiropractic adjustments are sport mishaps and injuries from accidents. Chiropractic treatment for kids corrects misaligned vertebral joints, which in turn restores motion and reduce nerve pressure.

Chiropractic America also reported that the natural and drug-free chiropractic treatment for kids is more effective than the conventional medical procedures for chronic earache and scoliosis. Moreover, pediatric chiropractic care has shown promising results in treating headaches, sleeping disorders, asthma, allergies and behavioral problems.

The Con

  • This form of treatment is “too good to be true.”

Some skeptics insist that there is no concrete evidence that may support the claims of chiropractors regarding the health and well-being of their patients. In fact, some pediatricians even advised parents to be cautious when visiting chiropractors. Despite the positive results from chiropractic adjustments on kids, there are reports of soreness and injuries of chiropractic patients. For instance, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a baby suffered from a fractured vertebrae during a chiropractic treatment. This being said, parents who frequent pediatric chiropractic centers argue that if you visit a “bad” chiropractor, unpleasant things will certainly happen.

Kids Raising Awareness and Money for Disability

The importance of organisations, like the Guides and the Scouts, lies, to a great extent, in their ability to engender a social conscience within their youthful members. Thinking about others who may be less fortunate than yourself, is a good thing for the development of a moral society. Morals don’t get spoken about as much these days, as they used to in the past. Our media channels are full of materialistic orientated content; the modern American dream of celebrity and enormous wealth is constantly flashed upon our numerous screens. Helping others links us together as a community, whereas buying a big house and fancy car is an individual pursuit.

Kids Raising Awareness and Money for Disability

When kids get together to raise awareness and money for those disadvantaged by circumstance or disability, it bonds them together in a quest to help others. It also helps children be more tolerant of their peers, who may have a disability. It is important for our society that people with disability and their families are not isolated because of their difference. We are all human beings, whatever the level of physical or intellectual functioning we may possess.

Sometimes it is the families and carers of those with a disability, who also are neglected by their communities. However, there is now some centre based respite for disabled kids becoming more widely available. Exposure to well-trained and experienced respite carers can expand the horizons of both individuals with a disability and their families. Caring for others within our communities is an enriching experience and it should be encouraged. Recognition of what carers do is slowly coming, in economic terms, but it is about more than just the money. We need to see these people and disabled people on TV and in other forms of the media.

Positive stories about disability will remove the fog of ignorance and fear, which has so long clouded humanity’s attitude toward the less than able. In the same way this has begun to happen in regard to ethnicity and combatting racism. The acceptance of diversity within our societies, is the only way that we are going to proper as a human race in its entirety. Guides raising awareness and money for disability, may seem a small step, but it is these small steps in the right direction that are important. If children learn to respect diversity, then the battle is more than half won already.



A Kid’s Guide to Intuition

Many wise people have suggested over the years, that children are more in touch with the intuitive side of things than adults. Children seem to exist in a world full of their imagination; and as they age this tends to dissipate. Of course, adults and parents are concerned that kids know the difference between the truth and imagination. In some ways, their proclivity toward intuition is discouraged by the process called ‘growing up’. Objective realty, if something such as this actually exists, is an agreement between human beings to see the basic properties of things in much the same way. This is the colour red, this is a table, this is a tree … and so on.

A Kid’s Guide to Intuition

In actual fact, we all see these things slightly differently, but sanity (another agreement) calls upon us to disregard the minutiae. Intuition is a non-logical sense of knowing or a premonition that is something is about to occur. Intuition lives on the borderland between imagination and reality. It is a shady half-world of inchoate things and happenings. Children are naturally more inclined to trust their intuitive sides, but the adult world frowns upon this peculiarity. We don’t want our kids to be in possession of any powers beyond our own limitations.

The whole idea of psychic guides – Red Indian Chief’s spirits long departed and Egyptian High Priests in the Temple of isis – are also part imagination and part intuition. They exist inside the minds of psychics and channels in that half-world of possibilities and endings. Perhaps, these gifted folk are at heart, still kids, who never had the magic knocked out of them. Peter Pans and Wendys communicating with Pirate Kings and Lost Boys, who may have a special message for you or me.

A kid’s guide to intuition should be based on an appreciation of the child’s sensitivities. Trusting oneself is, often, a lifetime’s quest. Is that because we disempower our children? Discourage their leaps of faith and put them back in the box too often? Perhaps, humanity needs to trust its children more often. Listen more intently to their fantasies and imaginings. Decipher some pattern or information in the half-light of the intuitive realm. We have named all the streets and towns, rivers, parks and countries. We, as adults, have pricked the balloons of imagination and sent them flaccid to the floor. The world of reality has been ironed flat, etched out in black and white; and we invite our kids to live inside that.


Guide to Organisations Fighting Against Slavery, Forced Labour & Human Trafficking in Sydney

Guides Fighting Against Slavery

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), there are approximately 20.9 million people (3 out of 1000) who are engaged in forced labour worldwide. The following is the global distribution of population in forced labour:

  • Asia and the Pacific Region – 11.7 million (56%)
  • Africa –3.7 million (18%)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Region –1.8 million (9%)
  • Non-EU Member European Countries and Member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States –1.6 million (7%)
  • US, Canada, Australia, EU, Japan, New Zealand –1.5 million (7%)
  • Middle Eastern Countries –600,000 (3%)

Human Trafficking and Forced Labour in Australia

Human trafficking is one of the modern forms of slavery that can lead to human exploitation and forced labour.

While this activity is not as severe in Australia compared to other countries, it still affects men, women, and children who are recruited from other countries, transported or transferred to Australia, and subjected to forced labour, sex trafficking, forced marriages, with some of the victims had their organs harvested.

Organisations against Slavery & Human Trafficking

In its July 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report, the US Department of State classified Australia under Tier 1 Watch List, which means that Australia complies with the minimum standards that are set to eliminate human trafficking.

While the Australian government was able to increase its prosecution of suspects related to human trafficking during this period than the last, it was still not able to convict any of the suspects. They have also launched their 5-year National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery for 2015-19. There are some Australian businesses who comply with this action plan, but studies have shown that there are more businesses that are not taking action.

It is a tremendous advantage then that there are some organisations in Australia that continue to help fight slavery and human trafficking. These organisations have presence in major cities all over the country, including Sydney. They play a vital role in helping save the lives of victims from these inhuman conditions.

Here is a useful guide to the different organisations in Sydney that men, women, boys, and girls can turn to. Knowing this vital information may give you the privilege to help save the life of a suspected victim.

Anti-Slavery Australia

Anti-Slavery Australia started in the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Community Law Centre in 2003 from a research endeavour that focused on human trafficking. Today, it is part of the Faculty of Law of the UTS as a specialised legal research policy centre. Their focus is to abolish slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour.

Anti-Slavery Australia is headquartered in UTS which is located at Broadway Sydney NSW 2007. They can be reached through telephone numbers +61-2-95149660 or through their email address:

Log-on to their website at for more information about their cause, their activities, how you can volunteer, or learn key signs to help save a life of a potential victim.

Stop The Traffik

Stop The Traffik is a coalition composed of non-government and community organisations that are working together to help stop the emotional, physical, and sexual harms of human trafficking within Australia and throughout the world. They achieve their goals through the execution of three important activities: Community Transformation, Global Campaigning, and Gathering and Sharing of Knowledge.

Stop The Traffik Contact Details:
Address: PO Box 1703 Castle Hill, NSW 1765
Telephone Number: +61 438 040 959
Email Address:


Human is an international anti-trafficking organisation that has presence in many countries throughout the world, including Australia. In our country, they partner with the University of Technology, Sydney to offer assistance to victims and provide information drive and many other resources related to human trafficking cases.

They are also partnering with Project Respect, which focuses on supporting women victims who have also been subjected to sexual exploitation or are forced into the sex slave industry.

Project Respect Contact Information:
Addresses: PO Box 1323, Collingwood VIC 3066 and 1st Floor 126 Moor St., Fitzroy VIC 3065
Telephone: +61 3 9416 3401
Fax: +61 3 9417 0833
Email Address:

Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre, Inc. (RILC)

Human also partners with the Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre, Inc. (RILC) which focuses on giving free and full legal services to victims within the country, specifically those who are originally from East Timor.

RILC Contact Information:
Address: 95 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, VIC
Telephone: +61 3 9483 1144 (Admin) +61 3 9483 1140 (Advice)
Fax: +61 3 9483 1136
Email Address:

Red Cross Australia

Red Cross in Australia has also been supporting those who are suspected victims of human trafficking since 2009. They provide aid to victims of human trafficking and forced marriages that have been referred by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) with the support of the Australian Government and through the Support for Trafficked People Program (STPP).

Red Cross Australia Contact Information:
Address: St Andrews House, Level 4, 464 Kent St., Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: 02 9229 4111 (Free call: 1800 812 028)
Fax: 02 9229 4244
Email Address:

The Right Way To Talk With Girls

Robert Kirby is a life coach and numerous of the cases she works demand dealing with adult guys who are looking discover the method to speak to ladies.

relationship coachThis can undoubtedly be an uneasy idea. The simple concept of having to interact with women that you have not satisfied prior to and in fact performing a promoting discussion can undoubtedly be upsetting to some. If you are not comfy with speaking with ladies, you ought to not need to be anxious though as there are numerous workouts that can do to, in fact, make you feel a lot a lot more comfy about the entire thing. Think it or not, many people can talk with ladies, it is merely a matter of figuring the self-confidence to do so.

Specialists who are at hand and assisting some people find out ways to speak with women have many methods and approaches to attain this. If there were one crucial objective, that would be to get men a lot a fantastic offer more comfy about talking to women. It will not unavoidably have to do with talking with ladies at the start. It might simply be having the individuals begin to speak to a set variety of complete strangers every day. This is a great workout that will certainly get adult guys utilized to the concept of talking with brand-new individuals. It will certainly not feel like such a huge step in the direction of getting a sweetheart. However it is going to make that procedure go a lot easier.

It will certainly assist to exercise social abilities and more than that it is gon na assist males exercise the abilities needed to speak to ladies in a manner that can result in a relationship. It is terrific practice for anyone who wishes to talk with women in a bar or another setting.

Another needed thing to has to bear in mind when it relates to ways to speak to girls is to be sure that you have the self-confidence. If you ought to not have the self-confidence, ensure you a minimum of be in a position to feign it. Constantly remember that there are those females who are drawn into a positive guy. You need to likewise discover the method to dress well; this is a benefit since the majority of ladies like guys who are excellent dresser. Naturally, that does not indicate that you have to use fits all over, it simply indicates that you have to be a more cleaned-up variation of you.

You can find out ways to talk with women from a self-aid book. However, it is likewise manageable to discover that from a relationships coach like Robert Kirby Sydney. Having a coach will certainly be perfect for guys who do not believe that they can gain from a do it yourself item. If they are more open to the concept of self-aid, they are in excellent business as there are a lot of excellent items out there.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Society

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), additionally called lasting accountable company (SRB), or business social efficiency, is a kind of company self-regulation incorporated right into a company design. Preferably, CSR plan would certainly work as an integrated, automatic system where company would certainly check and also guarantee their adherence to regulation, honest criteria, as well as internati onal standards. Company would certainly accept obligation for the influence of their tasks on the atmosphere, customers, workers, areas, investors and also all various other participants of the general public ball Corporate social responsibility is an effectively understood idea in the here and now day globe. In fact the company titans are extremely proficient with business social duty or business sustainability– in today’s parlance. The duty they have in the direction of the culture as well as the neighborhood all at once could not be rejected. An incredible rise and afterwards a continual uniformity in the progression of the idea of CSR has actually been observed over a period of very a variety of years, raising it to the greatest stand of value in all facets of company as well as manufacturing, be it personal or public. In the modern-day times the principle CSR integrates and also tries to describe as well as clear up countless carbon monoxide relevant and also uncorrelated concerns peculiarly, especially or specifically relevant to SOCIAL as well as ecological passions as well as well-being, maintaining in complete sight the monetary passions as well as perks of the investors. Obligation has basically taken the form of responsibility and also responsibility. Company values has actually additionally been brought right into the sector of business social duty. In fact an honest company efficiency serves as a good driver in quickening the procedure of company success using inspiring the staff members and also the underlying system. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a dedication to enhance area health with discretionary company methods as well as payments of company sources. It is not charity however it is a core company technique of a company. It is not an usual term, in fact lots of Indian firms discussed accountable company or three-way P(Expert, World as well as Revenue). A few other of business citizenship or stewardship, accountable entrepreneurship as well as three-way profits. Accountable competitiveness is absolutely nothing besides CSR.

In the direction of creating a reasoning for Corporate Social Responsibility-.

CSR passes several names, that include: company citizenship, business gifting, business offering, company area participation, neighborhood relationships, area events, neighborhood advancement, business obligation, international citizenship, as well as business social advertising. It makes no distinction what this social dedication of business is called. It is a BRAND-NEW means of working to satisfy the requirements of the marketplace and also its stakeholders. Social duty is the obligation of a company for the influences of its choices and also tasks on culture as well as the atmosphere, with clear and also moral actions that follows lasting advancement and also the well-being of the culture; thinks about the assumptions of stakeholders; is in conformity with relevant regulation and also regular with global standards of actions as well as is incorporated throughout the organization.This is a functioning meaning by ISO 26000 functioning team on social duty (Sydney, February 2007) CSR is the portal which a company strikes an equilibrium in between financial, social and also ecological imperatives on the one hand and also the assumptions as well as well-being of the investors on the various other. This indicates that social duty or instead its implementation entails a well prepared method. Evaluation of the social setting, formula of goals, developing functional strategies as well as programmes, keeping track of social procurement, evaluation of social as well as financial effect as well as recap of end results and also efficiencies are of utmost importance.In various other words CSR indicates that the earnings of business residences must be drawn away to socially liable tasks for the perk of the culture. Firms could apply an emphatic impact over the feature and also integrity of its items in the marketplace via its CSR tasks, which has a fantastic influence on culture and supplies far better harmony go back to their company. Infact CSR is the influence of business task on culture. CSR is coming to be a progressively vital task to companies country wide as well as worldwide. As globalization speeds up as well as big firms work as worldwide carriers, these companies have actually considerably identified the perks of offering CSR programs in their different places. CSR tasks are now being carried out throughout the world. The reasoning for CSR has actually been expressed in a variety of means. Basically it has to do with constructing lasting companies, which require healthy and balanced economic situations, markets and also areas, which once again require all company homes whether exclusive or public to accomplish CSR tasks. The federal government has actually stated it mandatory for markets to be socially accountable. They could not overlook the culture while accomplishing manufacturing and also generating revenue. A lively organization or a high level of relationship could be exposed in between CSR and also excellent public administration. Previously this was neither pointed out neither carried out, as the commercial plan resolutions fell short to explain the actual part of sectors in culture. Infact the genuine prices that the culture sustain, are mainly as a result of the visibility as well as procedure of the commercial properties. Public industry systems could need to pay out 2-5 % of revenue in CSR. CSR for a PSU could say goodbye to be a picture chance for its chairman yet would certainly entail people-centric jobs to be moneyed by 2-5 % of the business’s internet revenue.


Hence Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has to do with just how firms take care of business procedures to generate a general favorable influence on culture. Therefore firms take into consideration the passions of culture by taking duty for the influence of their tasks on consumers, vendors, employees shareholders, areas and also various other stakeholders, and also the atmosphere. This is attended prolong past the legal commitment to follow regulations as companies are willingly taking more actions to enhance the top quality of life for workers as well as their households along with for the neighborhood neighborhood as well as culture at huge. If a business opts to adhere to the method of CSR, it will certainly incorporate honest issues in its tasks as well as in its communication with all the. stakeholders. This suggests that the business devices work as if their CSR activities in all lits possibility in fact connect to the recipientsРthe culture generally. The honest considerations are focused on readying the foundation for anticipating the right reaction or reaction of their CSR produced activit̩s.It would certainly be worthless to also attempt to start activity where the feedback produced would certainly be adverse.